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Make My Website Look Like My Outfit

Can you make my website look like my outfit? It was a simple request, but likely the kind of exchange that would make a designer of any kind cringe and want to punch the person who sent it in the face. Maybe that's why the first designer friend I asked to make me a banner never finished it...  What I wanted was this - a simple custom banner with a cool font and a cool color scheme. Cool is just the most descriptive word ever, right? But seriously, just a little something to dress up my very clean, very basic website. Luckily I have a friend with more skills than I. Enter Kara LaFleur. Also thankful that she didn't punch me in the face through the computer. Alas, she was instead, amused at my ridiculousness and ready to pitch in. As you can see from the banner up top, I got just what I wanted! Here's how it went down.

My Directives

Colors I like: 
- deep purple (not muted)
- olive green
- sunset yellow (nectarine-ish yellows)
- pale yellow (like my nail polish)
- gray (all tones, especially light gray)
- rich browns

In terms of impact, I like bright, bold colors mixed with muted tones... That is a bit of a contradiction. Like my water bottle is a deep purple but it is metallic.

I just realized I am wearing a really good color scheme today: deep purple hoodie, pale yellow and light gray striped t-shirt. I like the look of all of these colors today. See attached.

. . .

A few hours later, I received basically my outfit in a banner. Enclosed was a message:


 . . .

How totally amazing, right?

Maybe you should check Kara out. She does cool stuff. She doesn't mind me. She's not really a designer, but if you need a banner that looks like your outfit, she might be able to help.

Reader Comments (1)

Your blog theme look cool today Emaleigh. What if your going to change according to your dress everyday? Are you going to change your blog theme on a daily basis too? haha

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